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New chapbooks from my new micropress, Most Perfect World:

James Loop, Amatory Imitations, 2023

Mary Wollstonecraft, Lessons: for my unfortunate girl, 2024

16 Poems for Philip Guston
by Clark Coolidge

Written in 1974 in response to a solo exhibition of Guston’s paintings at the Boston University Art Gallery, the poems in this book are a testament to Clark Coolidge and Philip Guston’s friendship and artistic rapport. They also read as an annex of sorts to the prolific collaboration between Coolidge and Guston that resulted in a suite of 43 poem-picture drawings in the same period.

This co-publication by Container Corps and the OPR presents the poems alongside full-color reproductions of the paintings for the first time. Designed and printed by Gary Robbins for Container Corps, with an afterword by Rachael Guynn Wilson.

48 pages | 8 x 8 inches | Edition of 500 | 16 tipped-in color plates | Case bound

54 Books by Lola & Rachael. December 2021.

Making this ‘zine with Lola Milholland was arguably the best thing about 2021. We each chose 25 books on which to write 25 words or fewer. Some of our selections overlapped, so we chose a few more, and somehow wound up with 54. We printed 200 copies and gave them away.

Here’s a sample:

Natalia Ginzburg, A Place to Live, trans. Schwartz, 2002

The women have lost their teeth; how sweet! The salamis swing in the soot! We eat little boys and girls—they laugh, “yes, we do!”

W.G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn, trans. Hulse, 1995/1998

If Hamlet kept a travel journal. Is “ecstatic melancholy” a mood? For the longest time, I thought this was a sci-fi novel. (It is.)

We’re working on the second installment in this series, 66 Movies, for December 2024. This time, with contributions by Lola, myself, and the incredible Stef Choi.

Executive Orders is a project that originated with the Organism for Poetic Research. This collaborative long poem has been published in three distinct but overlapping iterations between 2017 and 2021. Now with over 100 contributors, it will conclude with a fourth and final volume, forthcoming from Punctum Books. Co-edited with Andrew Gorin.
Executive Orders, vol. ii, co-published by the OPR and the Operating System, 2018.
Matters of Feminist Practice, vol. 1, edited by Poupeh Missaghi and Karla Kelsey, Brooklyn: Belladonna* Series, 2020.

Read my essay “conflict, montage, hesitation” in the inaugural issue.

Brooklyn, NY